Bringers of Light

The New Dawn has dived into Shadowbringers and ran through the new world with much enthusiasm, but the time has come to focus on bringing the light back. We are still recruiting, and looking for more characters who would benefit from a sanctuary to hide or heal in.


  • Perceus has finally come out to speak of a Garlean he befriended, Neal aan Dartius, who has since gone missing, presumably detained by Imperial forces. He, along with several others, are on the trail to try to find the troubled man and bring him back to safety.
  • Captain Marcus Feral has received a troubling letter from a concerned acquaintance warning him of a situation that may damage his reputation, and that of his trading company by association. He has discussed the matter with Tali’sae, and is still debating on how best to approach this mysterious “well-wisher”.  Or, as he fears, it could be an elaborate trap.
  • New faces have come to the sanctuary, offering their services to help those who need them. Time will tell how much of their skills will have to come into use.

Along with several RP plotlines going on at the moment, we are still regularly running content, such as roulettes, Eden raids, maps, and dipping our toes casually into Eden Savage. We’d love to have some new friends with us to join the fun!

Feel free to contact me on discord with any questions! My handle is Atanamir#8894. For information on applying, check out our information and rules, and then hit join at the top right! A short application is required for us to get a sense of your character, and of you!

Who is this stranger who has requested a meeting with the Captain?

Marcus and Tali’sae discuss their plans.

Ahzra’li and Marcus relaxing in a questionable establishment.

A contemplative Perceus.

When Titania EX goes wrong.

And the misadventures of Anaguma.


Current Stories

A few brief summaries of our ongoing plots-

  • Tertius has been cleaning and organizing the workshop for use. He seems to have many projects going on in there and Marcus believes he could use an extra hand.
  • Perceus has vanished for a few days again. Considering his run in with Imperials in the Shroud before, his behavior is suspicious.
    • Regarding the Imperial who attacked him, he is known as aan Dartius. What he is after out in the Shroud is currently a mystery.
  • Mhridi’a has recently returned from his studies in Ishgard after some politics forced him out. At Marcus’s suggestion, he is making preparations to return there with Tali’sae acting the part of his retainer to keep him out of trouble.
  • Mhridi’a’s instructor, Vevena Vena, remains a guest in the sanctuary. She has spoken of some other investigation she needs to conduct in the Twelveswood, and would likely benefit from having someone escort her.
  • Along with other missing Keepers, Kin’ra has been taking spells of absence for several days at a time. The last time he returned, it was with bruises and other injuries. He has been reluctant to speak about it, though it is, of course, causing some concern among others in the hall.
  • The Captain is just about ready to begin fencing lessons for those who are eager to learn. Just go easy on the old man.
  • Sephirah has been tasked with aether training any willing recruits–except that he has run off again. At this point, the Captain may be willing to offer coin to anyone who drags him back to the Hall.

Tali’sae prepares himself for the cold of Ishgard:

What is it Perceus is up to…?

New Dawn, New Growth

The New Dawn is still growing, and we’d love to see some new faces as we roll out some stories!

After some discussion, we are currently developing a rank to allow characters on other servers to join us. We understand that Balmung is a difficult server to get onto, and are currently looking for ways to include characters from servers to communicate with us and roleplay with us via world visits and cross-world linkshells. If you think your character fits what we’re looking for, don’t let being on another server hold you back!

If you have any questions, please contact me on discord, Atanamir#8894.

Leih’li, Ahzra’li, and Perceus discuss their plans for searching the Black Shroud for their missing companion: ffxiv_05312019_204443_443

New Members, and Still Recruiting!

The New Dawn is happy to welcome L’hati Tia to full membership!  We love our precious baby boy, and will protect him from the world.

To our trial memberships, we’d like to welcome our beautiful Roegadyn, Happy Medium, the curious case of Cecyl Kiniko, the edgy Kaza’tan Zenku, his leading lady, Reiko Minari, and our lovely tribal, Narengawa Himaa. We hope to get to know all of you as you settle in with us!

We are still looking for some more friendly, relaxed RPers to come join our family. Currently, we would like to focus on bringing in more for the Shadewalker role: Characters who are being actively hunted, are dealing with traumas, or otherwise need protection. This being said, we will still consider all applications, though we would love to see more of these kinds of characters.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Recruitment is Opening!

After several new modifications to our theme and concept, The New Dawn is excited to announce that we are finally beginning to actively recruit! We are looking forward to building a new family with other roleplayers and making our community something to be proud of. For more information, please see the About page.